Travel Well for Turkey Day

If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, you may be dreading that post-flight feeling: stiff body, over-snacked stomach, and jet- lagged head. What can you do to prevent the negative effects of air travel? Plenty:

TIP #1: Eat wisely: At home before your flight, eat a nutritious meal, so that you’re less likely to snack on poor quality plane food. Avoid fast food at the airport and instead grab unprocessed foods such as unsalted nuts and plain yogurt.

TIP #2: Stay hydrated: Humidity levels are low on planes, which leads to dehydration. During your flight, skip the alcohol, soda and coffee and opt for water instead. When you’re on the ground, keep drinking to fully re-hydrate.

TIP #3: Wear loose or stretchy pants: Since gas expands at higher altitudes, indigestion and flatulence are likely to occur, especially on long-haul flights. Clothing that constricts your waist area won’t allow your abdomen space to expand as needed.

TIP #4: Get your circulation going: Be sure to get up, walk around and stretch mid-flight.

TIP #5: Plan ahead: If you’re prone to constipation when you travel, (a commonly reported problem ) drinking water can help, as can eating high-fiber foods like fruits and vegetables.